Art Scares Me

“Fine Art”

This is my toughest art form because there is no deadline as it’s mostly just for me. I have a hard time taking it seriously. So, it’s a little terrifying to talk about. That’s why I’m writing about it.

I used to want to do extravagant art and I’d come up with ideas, but I had two things holding me back: money for the supplies (which are much more expensive then for my “other” more craft-like art projects) and talent. My creativity has saved me from the worst and talent is developed with practice- which means that it’s really about a shortness of time or procrastination.

Here is what I’ve come to favor in the rare pieces I do make.

  • I love working with wood because the grains make for an interesting canvass. I generally paint over it and over it, blending colors until it’s just right to accent the dimension of the wood. That part is meditative. I often forget that art can be tremendously stress relieving and in these more tedious moments, two things happen: peace and vision.
  • I do have intent and planning when it comes to my pieces most of the time, but a lot of it is interactive with my piece of wood. Each slab of plywood is unique. And as I work the background, the details come out more and more and I have to adapt my original vision to fit the wood. On occasion, I have scrapped the original idea completely and those are some of my best creations, I think. They were unexpected, even to me, and took me to a place or an idea that I have yet to regret going.
  • After my background is complete and my vision is better formed, then one of two things happen. Additional paint goes on the board. Or, more often, the wood burner comes out, hot and eager to change things. It’s time for my voice at this point. The image is burned in, changing the landscape of the wood forever whether it moves with it or defies it all together, words are imprinted and are no longer kept in my head forever.

Then, touch ups, added paint or color changes. More touch ups. Then, I look at it for a long time. Sometimes with frustration because I know it’s wrong but can’t figure out why. Then, the answer comes and is implemented and the piece is complete. More often, the piece goes incomplete and I think about it, adding to it when I see something. Or, in some cases, I have to wait until I can get a hold of the right tools to complete the piece. Or, in the case of the piece I’m working on now, I realize that I don’t yet have the skill to implement the last part. Then, I must practice.

Here are some of the things I’ve completed:

Art 1Art 2Art 3Art 4


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