Drew is someone I frequently reference in my posts. To make this easier for readers and allow me to use his name without confusion, I decided to write a post about him so he’s not some elusive stranger to which I refer.

He is my partner in every sense of the word. We work together, we search for truth together, we take care of life’s logistics together, and we’re in love with each other. I never imagined I find a person with whom I’m so compatible. /mush

He is a software developer for work and for fun. Most of his current projects have to do with cryptography. He is also strong in app development and well, most things. He’s the type to figure things out so if he doesn’t know at first, he’ll find out how to do it. His milk tongue is Ruby but he is proficient in all currently relevant languages.

Here is his github.

In addition to being an expert in code, he also has a fondness for science, biohacking, and has been involved in citizen science projects and learns as much as he can. He is especially interested in consciousness and will likely move into computational neuroscience in the next few years. He is also an expert whistler.

We’re best friends- we hike and bike together. We have a fondness for eccentric things. In our ideal universe, we’ll live forever. For fun and curiosity.


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