Inducing Carotenosis: Day 3

Two days of successfully eating 8 extra carrots/day and we started off the morning with a tropical smoothie that had more carrots than usual.

Also, wanted to share this fun information about misinformation having to do with vitamin A. Hint: extra will help bad vision, but won’t give you superhuman vision.

“Dr. Carrot and Carroty George had some competition […] wise-guy carrot-chomping Bugs Bunny, born around the same time.”

Also, there exists a World Carrot Museum.
Alright, on to the data.
Our recent diet, more-or-less:

We’ve been eating less than optimally the last two days, not because of the carrots (the carrots probably help), but just because we’ve been looking to go through what food we have as we’re going out-of-town next week. So, we’ve been eating lot of pasta (with butter and salt the first night and olive oil and herbs last night) and I’m sick of it. It was served with a huge side of carrots, fried on the stove or steamed. Pb&J. We’ve had porridge (oatmeal, mixed seeds, almond milk, blueberries, butter, honey or maple syrup – sadly, no egg as we’re saving the last of them for tomorrow) and smoothies (typically involving spinach, carrot, banana, almond milk, a slice of avocado and frozen mango/papaya/pineapple or blueberries and maybe strawberries) which is normal. Some fresh fruit and cut up carrots, of course. I’ve had fig bars and Drew’s had clif bars. I had a tofu curry yesterday (So good! And atypical in my life recently). Tonight, we’ll have some burritos (black beans and tomatoes w salt and lemon juice, avocado, sour cream, on tortillas (whole wheat for him, corn for me (and I add some cilantro on mine))). Good food except all the pasta, lots of carrots.

We feel pretty normal. No complaints and no apparent effects on our health. I was a little gassy yesterday, but that’s likely to be related to the Thai food. Drew has noticed needing to defecate more often. I noticed some orange around Drew’s mouth yesterday, but it was just the juice from the massive amount of cut up carrots he’d be eating. False alarm.

Here’s what we look like (Drew has a slight silliness determination today):

Drew and Anita, respectively. There is more sunlight today which changes the photos a bit.

Not much change, but we’ve only just begun.


Featured image sourced here.

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