Inducing Carotenosis: Day 5

Drew and I are about to embark on a trip to Utah to see a friend. Before we do, however, I wanted to give you, precious reader (who I may or may not be imagining at this point), an update.

Just before that update though, you might be wondering what cooking does to the β-carotene. After all, I’ve steamed and fried them and will likely do a lot more that involves heat with them.

“Beta-carotene is not a heat-sensitive nutrient. On the contrary, heat actually facilitates the breakdown of cell walls and effectively releases beta-carotene, thereby making it more readily available for absorption into the bloodstream.”

And it’s not by a small amount. This source claims 3x as much. I take that as encouragement to move along as I please with the cooking (although I’ll be sure to specify when and how I cook them).

Our diet has been as follows:

Smoothies, carrots, rice, eggs, potatoes, milkshakes, fig bars, oatmeal, toast with butter. 8 carrots a day is moving forward successfully. I cook them more regularly now. I have begun logging specific foods eaten and will begin making a special place on posts for that information.

Physiological Observations:

We’re both questioning whether or not we are defecating more. I wish we’d had the time and thought to log normalcy before we began. Alas!

We’ve noticed small amounts of yellow on our hands, but it may have been their previously and we didn’t notice (right below middle and ring fingers on both hands). It doesn’t appear to be showing up on the photos. If it’s significant and associated with the β-carotene, I suspect it will spread and begin to be obvious on the photos.

Photos of us:

Anita and Drew. Not a sunny day, thankfully. No yellowing yet (that I can see). We’ll keep at it!


Featured photo sourced here.


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