Inducing Carotenosis: Day 10

Hello People! We’re back from Utah and we’ve scampered off to Toorcamp to get our nerd on. We weren’t able to get photos before we left, but here’s our day 10 update anyway.

But first, another fun fact. Actually, this is serious and very close to my heart. Having a number of family members who suffer from a rare eye condition called retinitus pigmentosa which destroys their peripheral and night vision, eventually causing blindness, I was very interested to read the following:

“[…] individuals with retinitis pigmentosa who took daily supplements of vitamin A (15,000 IU) and lutein (12 mg) had a slower loss of peripheral vision than those who did not take the combined supplements.”

Curious, I looked into the validity of the claims and immediately found this. It appears that lutein, found in eggs yolks and leafy greens, among others, is a strong supplement to vitamin A. I immediately emailed some relatives.

Now, to our progress toward carotenosis.

Update on Food:

We bought extra carrots to bring to the airport with us yesterday that, in our rush to get to the airport, did not end up in our bags. This was disappointing. We will be eating extra carrots in addition to our normal 8 for the next few days to make up for it. Most of them will be cooked as well to release more beta-carotene. I’d hoped to build a spreadsheet to add all of our eating habits but I’ll have to wait for a little more downtime to work on that.

Physiological Observations:

After checking with two children and asking for them to tell us all the colors they saw on our hands, we’re pretty sure that we’re biased to see yellow and there isn’t really any developing yet. We also looked at their hands and what we see as yellow is on their hands too; so, unless they’re eating loads of carrots as well, it’s probably natural coloration.

Our movements seemed to have normalized and we feel healthy overall. 🙂

Photos of us:

The light has been too inconsistent and the white is washing out. We will be switching to a dark background indoors at a local business with consistent lighting.

The next update will be on Sunday. Stay tuned!


Featured photo source: me.



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