Inducing Carotenosis: Day 19

I found a fantastic study that lends further information on this phenomenon. I will be pointing out a number of factors expressed in it over more than one blog post, I suspect.

There is one big one I’d like to point out for this post:

This might take longer than we hoped.

The subjects tested in these experiments increased high carotenoid fruits and vegetables over the course of six weeks to get the effects. Also, it is expected for those that already have a high intake may see less dramatic results. As our diet was very rich in carotenoids before we started and decreased with the loss of eggs in our diet as well as bad behaviors hindering our healthy lifestyle, we may only be ahead of the carotenoid curve by less than we hoped. Because of this information, we will likely be extending our experiment. Additionally, we will be reintroducing eggs next week as well as ensuring that our diet of the next few weeks is on par with our previous healthy habits (meaning, we’ll be getting more veggies and fresh fruits than we’ve had over the past couple weeks). This is all around good news for me subjectively. Objectively, it’ll be a benefit to our overall health as well.

Our diet:

We’ve already returned to a number of healthy habits as we are eating more fresh fruits and eating more veggie-involved meals. I only hope to see this increase. Next Friday, Drew’s sister will be in town who recently became a vegetarian, so I’ll be teaching her how to cook a number of healthful meals that will recalibrate our diet to “normal”.

Physiological Observations:

Definitely no skin changes. More regular movements since reintroducing more fiber. I have noticed my body odor change and am unsure why that might be; Drew has not noticed a change.


Anita and Drew, respectively. Drew’s photo is a little cloudy from moisture on the lens.

Looking forward to my next post where I’ll be telling you all about skin yellowing and sexiness! 😉


Photo sourced here.


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