Inducing Carotenosis: Day 24

When I started this β-carotene activity, I really didn’t think much further than making sure there were not potential negative side-effects, not even considering really that there might be actively positive ones to a slightly excessive intake of carotenoids… like adding some sexy to my skin!

It was hypothesized that the color in skin associated with carotenoids was beneficial for sexual selection; therefore, increasing intake of fruits and vegetables would not only alter the skin’s color, but that the color increase attractiveness. They discovered that certain carotenoids do change the skin’s color, adding reds and yellows (yellow from β-carotene) and it adds to the appeal of those with slightly higher concentrations of those colors. In one of the discussions, they explained that:

“[…] skin-color changes associated with fruit and vegetable consumption is seen as healthy and attractive, and is detectable at a relatively modest level of dietary change.”

If I hadn’t been motivated by vanity before, there is nonetheless a little extra incentive. More importantly, however, there are also mega health benefits contributing to overall health (which is why it is understood to appear attractive to begin with). And the foods they come in add additional benefits as well. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables is a known way to improve the chance of living a long, healthy life with good heart health, vision, skin, bones, etc.

But on to our info…

Our diet:

We have increased our fruit/veggie intake back to normal and by the end of this week will be reintroducing eggs. We’ve also increased our carrot levels (not substantially) due to carrot juice which accounts for our 8 carrots/day while being able to maintain normal carrot intake from foods as before.

Physiological Observations:

Feeling good. Nothing out of the ordinary although I still think I smell a little abnormal sometimes (wondering if has to do with the reduction in dairy as opposed to adding carrots). No apparent color changes to skin.

Our photos:

Anita & Drew. Not much yellow and pretty standard appearance, sporting the “just rolled out of bed and trying to get in some photos” look.


Featured photo (and a nice post about carrots and dental health) sourced here.


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