Carotenosis: Day 32

With a crazy week of having Drew’s sister in town, searching frantically for a missing cat, and packing for a move, this will be a very quick update.

We are experiencing a small amount of yellowing on our hands. That is clear now, although it doesn’t show up very well on the photos. We are extending this project through the week to see if we can get it to be a little stronger. Next week, we’ll also plow through a 25lb bag of carrots to push this project forward. We know now that what we’ve done will cause the slightest amount of yellowing visible to those up close, but not a significant amount.

Other note: I’m in love with juicing now. I’ve always loved smoothies but been suspicious of juicing because it makes a lot of waste and depletes your fiber intake. Juice, in general, is a sugary drink. The good thing about it is that you get loads of micronutrients in a small drink – like carotenoids! Alas, the lack of fiber is notable. I intend to learn some recipes for the pulp. Additionally, I will watch out for too much. But I might just keep juicing a little on a regular basis. I tried a carrot, orange, ginger combo and I’ve also made up one including 4 beets, 1 grapefruit, and 5 carrots. Delish.


We’ve been eating nice and healthy. Ice cream and cookies here and there (we have a 12 year old on vacation with us, after all! Additionally though, don’t worry too much about us being a bad influence, she’s also cooking healthful vegetarian meals with me that she likes and can make when she goes back home, continuing her journey to be a very healthy vegetarian).

Health Notes:

We’re healthy, as far as we can tell! Light yellowness is visible. I now think my new smell (which isn’t particularly bad either) has to do with the substantially reduced milk intake that continues or has something to do with all these extra carrots. Will likely test the milk idea at a later time. Everything else is normal.

Photos (as of yesterday):

Anita and Drew. It’s hard to see the light yellow on our hands.


Photo source here.


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