Inducing Carotenosis: Conclusions

After the madness of moving across country, having guests, and reuniting with some friends and family, I am finally able to write something of a conclusion.

At the end of our month of 8 carrots/day in addition to our normal diet, we were beginning to see yellowing on our palms, bottoms of our feet, and slightly in our faces. It was subtle and we definitely needed better equipment to display the results. Should I take on a similar experiment or attempt to do another carotenosis one, in addition to more rigor going into maintaining a normal diet and meal logging, I will utilize a better camera and color analyzing software to dissect differences. Also, regular blood testing would be helpful to show increased beta-carotene levels in our serum as well as skin. There were a billion variables at play, but better equipment would definitely have offered more to show off. Alas, this is what an impulsive and haphazard self-experiment looks like.

Since the official end, we’ve continued to consume an ample number of carrots and our yellowing has increased. We still have not seen the dramatic effects that would cause people to stop us on the street and question if we’re okay, but it’s obvious when standing next to a person eating less carotenoid intensive diets that we are rather yellowy.

“You look like you have a bit of a fake tan going on.” –Jordan Harriman, Exosphere biohacker, when asked about the yellowy-ness of my skin.

The only time in my life I would be thrilled to hear such a thing.

At this point, I’m considering this little experiment closed. As we’re continuing our quest for yellowing skin, should it become evident on my phone camera, I’ll make an afterwards post at some point.


Featured photo is of Drew from Day 31.


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