The Bike Trailer (and getting rid of a TV)

As if Drew and I haven’t convinced you yet, here is another example of how we’re a pretty hardcore duo. (You can be one too!)

The other day, we built a bike trailer to help us haul stuff. We’re not talking kids (though they can haul some weight). We’re talking several 5 gallon plants, soil, wood, bricks, even appliances. And sure, groceries, but only if we’re doing a mega-epic Costco style grocery shop!

But most currently, we have a huge TV that was abandoned at the house when we bought it that has just gotta go.

We wanted something like this, having been inspired by this (Drew was perhaps more inspired at first as my legs didn’t feel that strong; but, after having built the thing and felt how light it is, I feel better about it – still don’t know if I’ll be the one hauling appliances).

But one cannot drop a grand willy nilly, at least not if you’re us. BostonBiker came to the rescue. Following these instructions, we built one by ourselves.

I won’t go through the how-to as you can find it on BostonBiker’s website, but I do hope to inspire you to understand that you’re capable of not only taking your bike commute to another level (seriously, who really needs a car, especially if you live in a city – not to say cars can’t be convenient and handy – but we’re talking about understanding the basic principle of “You can do it anyway!”), but doing so while slashing hundreds of dollars off the initial cost. That initial cost can still be tough for some (but if you’re giving up the car, the savings will pay for it fast), but it is more feasible for many.

So, anyway, if you haven’t clicked on any links, you are probably wondering what the heck we built looks like. This:

The finished product. Yes, showing you that first.

This was our process in photos:

Heh, car trailer, we will convert you! Setting this up was simply a matter of attaching parts with nuts and bolts. Screwdriver needed.

It wouldn’t be right without being silly with Bikes at Work replacement parts.

Turning those spare parts into parts ready to go on a bike trailer.

Must take measurements (background is laundry air drying on the line and the mess from the bedroom)!

Must drill in the things (this alteration is to make the trailer axle replace the car hitch).

Drew can do these things with his eyes closed (he is attaching the axle).

Drew epitomizing manly manliness with his safety gear and Dremel (having to make slots for the bike hitch bars).
Drew installing bike hitch.jpg
Hitch install.
Trailer attached, heavy ass TV loaded.

And away he goes to bring that cursed TV we were stuck with to the recycling center! Within an hour, he successfully returned.


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